About Jeevan Vidya

Jeevan Vidya Connect comprises of a self supporting group of people with no religious political affiliation. The members are bound by a common vision and purpose. We are human, and have an honest quest for the truth and a meaningful life. The members feel this knowledge is fundamental need of any human and long term solution to humanities’ problems. There are no charges for sharing this knowledge via Jeevan Vidya Shivirs. We do this for our own development and societal responsibilities, simultaneous to being engaged and responsible for our family, nature and material needs. To know more please visit

Upcoming Shivir

Our Programs are conducted as an expression of our responsibility and participation in Society. In The Shivir Activity we  spoke about the rich web of connections between seemingly disparate aspects of life. The discussions range from the seemingly mundane to the supposedly profound.

Social Media

The social networking platform for Jeevan Vidya Connect allows you to publish ideas related to Jeevan Vidya and receive updates on new Jeevan Vidya activities.

To learn more about our members and Shivir activities, please join. One can connect with other members after joining for information sharing, networking, and many other purposes. 

Our members belong to different walk of life who are driven by the understanding and apprehension to live with meaning and harmony on this planet. Our members are engineers, doctors, lawyers, CA’s, educationists, scientists, farmers, social activists, corporate honchos, monks, housewives, students, speakers and influencers from all across India.

Any member may form a group in Jeevan Vidya Connect. Groups are collections of people and posts.
There are many different kinds of groups, including private and public groups.



Shivir activities videos have been categorised based on prabhodhak, year, and location to make it simple for you to find the one you want to watch. Check it out below.

Happy Marrige - Clarity Of Purpose by Som Tyagi | Kings willa (Gujarat) April 2021
Parichay Shivir by Som Tyagi ,Palitana (Gujarat)
A Seminar on Humanization of Education By Som Tyagiji |VECD Cell | Atmiya University


Members of Jeevan Vidya have produced a number of E-magazines for our members to read and learn about many topics linked to Jeevan Vidya. Check it out below.

Manav Teerth Yearly Report 2020-2021
परिवार मानव पत्रिका अंक - Magazine 2008 August

Youtube Channels

You may find videos on Shivir activities, audio books, school activities, and more on our YouTube channels.
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our books provides educational content with Humane aims, content, pedagogy & outcomes of education,likes
Knowledge of the Self (Mind),
Knowledge of relationships and living in family,
Relationship with Nature,
Need of the Human – Happiness, Peace, etc.

Jeevan Vidya Ek Parichay By A. Nagraj Ji
Divya Path By Surendra Pal
Vikalp Aur Adhyayan Bindu By A. Nagraj ji

Darshan Website

In Jeevan Vidya, we have numerous websites that offer information on a variety of topics. Check out the list below.


In Jeevan Vidya, we have a variety of apps that offer information on many topics. Please review the apps below

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Jeevan Vidya Gujarat Parivar
Madhyasth Darshan Paribhasha Sanhita
Jeevan Vidhya - Life Learning